Sunday, July 19, 2009


Summer Issue of Beltway on It's Your Mug

Great new issue of Beltway, with photos by the incomparable Thomas Sayers Ellis!

Beltway Poetry Quarterly

A terrific new issue of Beltway Poetry Quarterly is now posted online! The IT’S YOUR MUG ANNIVERSARY ISSUE celebrates the first spoken word venue in Washington, DC, founded 15 years ago by Toni Asante Lightfoot. This special issue, guest edited by Toni Asante Lightfoot, with an introduction by Holly Bass, and photographs by Thomas Sayers Ellis, features 18 contributors, all active in the Mug Series:

Eric Antonio * Holly Bass * Toni Blackman * Jane Alberdeston Coralin * Joel Dias-Porter * Twain Dooley * Thomas Sayers Ellis * Brian Gilmore * Monica A. Hand * Reuben Jackson * Brandon D. Johnson * A. Van Jordan * Carolyn Joyner * Dehejia Maat * Ernesto Mercer * Lisa Pegram * Venus Thrash * Patrick Washington

As Holly Bass writes in the introduction: “Running from February 1, 1994 to August 20th 1996, the It's Your Mug's Tuesday night poetry reading was a community event had a lasting impact on Washington’s poetry scene. So many prize-winning books, plays, reading series, recordings and writing careers can trace their beginnings back to that humble little café. So much of DC spoken word community owes a debt to this reading series.” Holly tracks this rich history, including the artist collectives and reading series that were an outgrowth of this pioneering venue.

The issue includes 46 new poems. Read and be inspired!

Beltway Poetry Quarterly

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