Monday, April 06, 2009


That "Glorious Bountiful Nightmare": musings on Christopher Nolan and "Milk"

Throughout his life, Nolan's mantra was "accept me for what I am and I'll accept you for what you're accepted as." When a Hollywood producer asked to make a movie of his life, Nolan declined his offer. "I want to highlight the creativity within the brain of a cripple," he told the producer, "and while not attempting to hide the crippledom I want instead to filter all sob-storied sentiment from his portrait and dwell upon his life, his laughter, his vision, and his nervous normality. Can we ever see eye-to-eye on that schemed scenario?"

Read Kathi Wolfe's essay on the uses of anger in art and in social change, with musings on Christopher Nolan and the film, "Milk," here:

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