Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Sloganize: The new time waster

On one of those dopey post-lunch internet meanderings, I stumbled just now on Sloganize, which claims to transform your run-of-the-mill words into a... slogan! Here are my attempts:

At the intersection of poetry and social change: "At the intersection of poetry and social change, your family will love you!"

Poems of provocation and witness: "See the world with poems of provocation and witness."

Then it told me it worked best with two-word combos, so I tried:

Poetry activism, and got: "My poetry activism, your poetry activism, poetry activism for all!"

And the worst, with "poetry change," I got: "Poetry change, innovate your world!" Maybe that should be our new slogan at Split This Rock... (Somehow I think not.)

So, see what you think - try out a two-word combo and post any interesting results in the Comments. Goofy!

Ooh, it's like a pile of fortune cookies!

"There is no life without poetry festival."

"Naughty little poetry and politics."

"Split This Rock? You bet"

"Split This Rock, the secret of women"
Naughty little poetry and politics - yes!! Let's use it!!
Brio boy? Yes please!
Yes, please!
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