Monday, June 02, 2008


More BEA Tidbits

Unpacking I found some more weirdnesses and wonders: Dilbert sticky pad (apparently we're celebrating 20 years of Dilbert this year); the fact that Dr. Ruth, celebrating her 80th birthday, has written a book for teens on sex, Dr. Ruth's Guide to Teens & Sex Today, which seems icky beyond belief (Steve, are you reading this?); a new book of Zen Questions, Daily Affirmations, Meditations, and Words of Wisdom from the Metal Gods entitled, Time Flies When You're in a Coma.

And far and away the best news from BEA this year, Lynda Barry's giant book of writing advice, What It Is (the formless thing which gives things form) from Drawn and Quarterly. Anyone needing a LARGE hint for what to get me for any old occasion, look no further. As Matt Groening so eloquenly put it, Lynda Barry is the Funk Queen of the Universe.

I also found a note to myself that the murals painted on the rotunda ceiling at Griffith Observatory are by Hugo Ballin, from 1935. I googled them and found that they're called The March of Science Through the Ages, but I couldn't find any good pictures on the web - only washed out stuff from a distance. The observatory website doesn't seem to mention them. Sigh. Science trumps art. Read about Ballin here:

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