Monday, June 23, 2008


An Honorable Way Out of Iraq

by Adil E. Shamoo, Foreign Policy in Focus

The Iraqis have reached a consensus — the U.S. should leave Iraq. Regardless of whether they are Kurds, Sunni, or Shi’a; regardless of political party, there is a general agreement that the United States should depart soon — within the year, or at most, three years. Yet some Americans, especially conservatives, are shocked that the Iraqis would show such a lack of gratitude to the United States...

Instead of negotiating a long-term presence, the U.S. should be negotiating a withdrawal. Both large portions of Iraqis and U.S. citizens are widely supportive of a timetable for withdrawal.

Read Shamoo's excellent 10-point plan for withdrawal at Foreign Policy in Focus here.

My late father used to say
"The U.S. never signs a short term lease"
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