Sunday, March 02, 2008


Fred Joiner is the Man

It’s Wednesday night and Fred Joiner is getting ready to bring one of his passions to Good Hope Road. It’s Anacostia, in southeast Washington, D.C., that he dreams of filling with poetry.

“I believe art can raise quality of life of any people,” Joiner said.

He is host and curator of the “Intersections” poetry reading sessions in D.C., organized with the
American Poetry Museum...

Anacostia is the poorest neighborhood in the nation’s capital and its first historical suburb. According to the Brookings Institution, in 2000, one-fourth of D.C.’s poor — most of them black — lived in “extreme poverty” neighborhoods, east of the Anacostia River. Two-fifths of the people in these neighborhoods lived below the federal poverty line.

Read the article, in which Fred kindly mentions Ethelbert Miller, Kim Roberts, and me as active in the local poetry scene, here:

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