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Splendid Split This Rock Issue of Beltway Poetry Quarterly

With enormous thanks and praise to Kim Roberts and Regie Cabico, the coeditors of the latest issue of Beltway Poetry Quarterly - it's the Split This Rock issue - poems of provocation and witness by DC-area featured poets and organizers. Check it out!

Happy New Year from Beltway Poetry Quarterly!

We begin 2008 with a rousing new issue of the journal, celebrating political poetry "borne out of a hunger." The Split This Rock Issue features seventeen poets who are participating in the upcoming festival of the same name, either as organizers or readers.

As co-editor Regie Cabico writes in his introduction, these poets sing "about gentrification, pop culture, immigration, war, heritage, disability, history and American iconography" to create a home "in the gut of a government that should hear, swallow, and ingest verses of provocation and witness."

Split This Rock Poetry Festival will take place in Washington, DC March 20-23, 2008. In addition to Beltway Poetry Quarterly, other co-sponsoring organizations include DC Poets Against the War, the Institute for Policy Studies, Sol and Soul, Busboys and Poets, The White Crane Institute, Washington Friends of Walt Whitman, and Beloit Poetry Journal.

The Split This Rock Issue of Beltway Poetry Quarterly features poems by the following authors:

Winona Addison * Naomi Ayala * Sarah Browning * Grace Cavalieri * Teri Ellen Cross * Heather Davis * Joel Dias-Porter * Yael Flusberg * Brian Gilmore * E. Ethelbert Miller * Princess of Controversy * Tanya Snyder * Susan Tichey * Melissa Tuckey * Dan Vera * Rosemary Winslow * Kathi Wolfe

The Split This Rock Issue (Volume 9, Number 1), is co-edited by Regie Cabico and Kim Roberts. The issue is available online now at:

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Split This Rock Poetry Festival is coming to the streets and performance halls of DC in three short months! March 20-23, 2008. Check us out at:

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