Monday, December 03, 2007


A Question of Impeachment at the Culture Project, NYC

Don't miss the last three weeks of A Question of Impeachment

"Finally, backboned America has a forum besides Dennis Kucinich's website!"

Monday, December 3 at 7pm, actor and activist ALEC BALDWIN joins attorneys and community organizers, as well as Lewis Lapham, Bobby Cannavale and Tracie Thoms to explore Article III: Criminal Negligence in Response to Hurricane Katrina.

Monday, December 10 at 7pm, DemocracyNow! Host AMY GOODMAN joins former Congresswoman Elizabeth Holtzman, attorneys from the Center for Constitutional Rights and the Brennan Center for Justice, and performers including KRISTEN JOHNSTON, for Article IV: Warrantless Surveillance.

Sunday, December 16: CLOSING DAY
At 2pm, Harper's contributor SCOTT HORTON, attorney Marjorie Cohn, and performers including Josh Hamilton and Tracie Thoms take on Article V:
Expansion of Executive Power.

At 7:30, a special closing celebration includes performance and commentary from JACKSON BROWNE, NAOMI WOLF, DUNCAN SHEIK, John Nichols, author of The Genius of Impeachment, and others.

Tickets: or 212-352-3101

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