Monday, November 05, 2007


Blog This Rock - The New Split This Rock Blog is Live

Check out the new Split This Rock Blog, Blog This Rock! It is edited/curated by Peter Montgomery and will showcase exciting work at the intersection of poetry and social change from all over the country. Building toward Split This Rock Poetry Festival: Poems of Provocation & Witness, March 20-23, 2008, Blog This Rock will be a forum for discussion, networking, and change.

The first post is by guest bloggers Joe Ross and Rose Marie Berger, who edited the chapbook, Cut Loose the Body, poems about torture and the Abu Ghraib paintings of Fernando Botero, which are scheduled to go on display at American University this week. Joe writes:

Torture remains a disgraceful part of our national vocabulary. U.S. officials continue to bend the language, refusing to say that even waterboarding is torture. We are baffled at our country’s blindness. But our frustration found a voice in Colombian painter Fernando Botero’s haunting “Abu Ghraib” paintings.

Read the whole post here: Post your comments. Join the conversation. If you're in the area, come to the reading on November 10. And if you're interested in guest blogging on Blog This Rock, contact Pete at We welcome posts on projects at the intersection of poetry and social change, social issue poets and poetry, and any topic you think might be of interest to your fellow activist poets.

Huge thanks to Pete, Split This Rock web maestro Heather Davis, and Joe and Rose!

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