Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Beltway Poetry Maps the Evolving City

Kim Roberts and Teri Cross Davis (along with the many featured poets) have produced a tour-de-force: The new issue of Beltway charts the city's changes, elegizes what is lost, mourns, celebrates, records.

Proud organizer moment: Split This Rock is amply represented. Not only are the co-editors of the issue both on the festival advisory board, but many of the published poets are involved. Tanya Snyder, Rosemary Winslow, and Heather Davis are on the Coordinating Committee; Brian Gilmore, Grace Cavalieri, Kenneth Carroll, and Ethelbert Miller will be featured in the festival. Dan Vera, Joe Ross, and others are volunteering. Rock on, Splitters! (OK, that one's not so good. Split on, Rockers? Rock on, Split-This-Rockers?)

Getting serious, here's Kim's announcement. Check it out. It's a great way to start (and continue, and finish) the day:

The Fall issue of Beltway Poetry Quarterly is now online--and what a terrific issue it is! "The Evolving City" is an anthology of 36 poems that address the multiplicity of ways that cities change over time.


Co-edited by Teri Ellen Cross and Kim Roberts, the featured authors are:

Abdul Ali * Joseph Awad * Kimberly L. Becker * Japheth Brubaker * Rick Cannon * Kenneth Carroll * Grace Cavalieri * William Claire * Ramola D * Heather Davis * Mark DeFoe * Greta Ehrig * Mark Ftizgerald * Martin Galvin * Brian Gilmore * Fannie H. Gray * Daniel Gutstein * Jessica Haney * Joyce Latham * Grisella Martinez * E. Ethelbert Miller * Kathleen O'Toole * Jose Padua * Linda Pastan * John Peacock * Elizabeth Poliner * Katy Richey * Joseph Ross * Carly Sachs * David Salner * Kate Powell Shine * Tanya Snyder * Dan Vera * Joshua Weiner * Rosemary Winslow * Katherine E. Young

We hope you enjoy it!

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