Monday, September 17, 2007


Day laborers win right to a living wage in Baltimore

From Anu Yadav:

Day laborers who clean Baltimore's Oriole Park baseball stadium wonthe right to a living wage last week, after a three year campaign.The group of folks is the United Workers Association. Here's their website:

Good friends of mine are a part of this campaign, and this is a huge victory that we in DC should be aware of. To me, it's hopeful in what often can feel like dark times. It's important for us to remember victories near and far -- of others and of our own -- celebrate them,and use them to keep our own light going.

Here's the story:,0,6339831.story

They had been gearing up for a major hunger strike and cancelled itupon receiving word of their victory. A friend said it well, this is historic, and I'm proud to help share the news. Congratulations UWA!!!!!!!!


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