Thursday, July 19, 2007


Sekou Sundiata - His Powerful, Gorgeous Voice Will Be Badly Missed

Sekou Sundiata died yesterday. He brought beauty and power together in his poetry. He challenged the poetry community's divisions. He challenged all our divisions.

Listen to his voice and words -- they restore, they will last. Here are some places to listen on the web (with thanks to Sage):

I had the privilege of being on a panel with Sekou in January at Busboys & Poets. Here's my post about it:

A heartbreaking day. Last night, at the Intersections reading, host Fred Joiner played Sekou's tribute to John Coltrane, who died 40 years ago Tuesday. Sekou carried on Coltrane and I hear Fred carrying on Sekou. Carry it on. Pass it on.

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