Thursday, July 19, 2007


More Sekou

From Kenny Carroll:

Folks who want to burn Sekou's majestic voice and presence into their brains and souls, can go to Youtube and see him performing "Bring On The Reparations" from his Def Poetry Jam appearance couple years back.

Paste this into your browser:

You can, as many of us have already, type in comments/testimony/poems/ preacherations/raps/etc at the Youtube site, which has become a kind of rhythmic cyber-wake for Sekou.

"Let this be my epitaph-his heart till the very end was in the left place.
We were nuts from the git-go, insane from the whatnot."
Sekou Sundiata

Preach on Sekou, your sound like your heart, unbound.
Sekou Sundiata-the gods of your ancestors await you!

From "Bring On the Reparations":

For the beat in beatnik...
For the missing royalty checks...
Them 40 acres not withstanding...
Come on and bring on the reparations.

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