Friday, July 20, 2007


Martín Espada on Bill Moyers Journal

"To me, there's no contradiction between being an advocate as a lawyer and being an advocate as a poet. I mean, to me, it was all in the same spectrum."
Martín Espada will appear on PBS' on Bill Moyers Journal Friday. Read the accompanying profile on the show's site here.
Scroll down for a long list of excellent resources on Espada as poet, activist, and teacher.
If you're in the DC area, save the date: Martín Espada will be appearing at Busboys & Poets September 20, 6:30 pm, cosponsored by DC Poets Against the War.

Sarah. Thank you for alerting me
to the Hampshire speech by
Espada. I just now finished
reading it. Awesome! I was not
aware of his existence. And now
I know where to find him!
Alabanza to you! And to M. Espada! I am grateful. My faith
has been renwed and invigorated.
Peace be with you, John Saunders
My very great pleasure, John. Thank you for this comment. It's wonderful to hear from a reader and know of some impact in the world.
All the best,
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