Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Abdul Ali Asks the Tough Questions

Abdul Ali, managing editor of the Howard University journal Amistad, and host of readings at Karibu Books at Pentagon City Mall, where I will be reading Saturday, has posted an interview with me about my new book, Whiskey in the Garden of Eden, on his blog, Poetic Noise. Thank you, Abdul Ali!

Here's a short excerpt:

The poems about race, and especially about how race often played itself out on the streets of my childhood, were very difficult to write, very vulnerable, very scary... It took me many, many years and drafts to write and complete these poems and to feel OK about putting them out in the world.

You can order the book at http://www.wordworksdc.com/ and read the poems that finally emerged from all that work...

congrats on the book, sarah... and on a very good interview... i think you are right about the changes in petworth, and the city in general. it is too late... and for many reasons.. but i lament too much as it is... congrats!
Thank you, Reuben!
I hope we're not right about the city... but look at Paris - most of the working-class people and people of color live in the grim inner suburbs. Sigh. Is that where we're headed? Can we have an impact?
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