Tuesday, June 05, 2007


More on colonial drinks -- and on Book Expo

The marvelous Kim Roberts, who knows everything about everything, tells me the following about another colonial drink, the "flip":

"You take a big pitcher of beer, add sugar and a jigger of brandy or rum, then take the red-hot poker out of your fire and push it down into the pitcher. The resulting drink is warm and the sugar crystallizes. Evidently it was a big winter-time pub fave."

I'm sure the photo is not of a flip -- looks more like a rusty cappucino -- but it's what came up when I image googled the drink, colonial flip.

Beginning to unpack my four (count them, four) tote bags of swag from Book Expo, I was reminded of other good connections I made: Interlink Books, which published We Begin Here: Poems for Palestine & Lebanon, in which I am honored to have a few poems; Small Beer Press, out of Northampton, MA, near where I made my home for 9 years (and where Interlink is also published -- who knew?); and the artist Gilbert Fletcher, who has published a beautiful book of his paintings of Black writers, called Painted Voices.

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