Monday, June 04, 2007


From the Sublime to the Absurd - Book Expo 2007

After almost two weeks hanging out with Martín Espada's sublime Hampshire College commencement address (see previous post), your intrepid blogger took herself to New York City, the center of the book biz, for Book Expo, the annual hawking of all things literary, and many things not in the least bit such.

Among the many ridiculous highlights:

Of the many, many good things -- a new novel by Kwame Dawes called She's Gone, from Akashic Books. An "Iraqi rhapsody" called I'jaam by poet Sinan Antoon, from City Lights. Meeting folks from Coffee House Press, with a new book by Ron Padget; Milkweed Editions, who kindly gave me a copy of Every War Has Two Losers, William Stafford's writings on war and peace; Archipelago Books, who publish poetry in translation, including Mahmoud Darwish; and a favorite poet of mine, Barbara Ras, who is now running Trinity University Press, in San Antonio.

Read Barbara's poem, "You Can't Have It All," from her book Bite Every Sorrow, here.

Now thoroughly fried, and having worked all morning trying to get caught up (and only just denting the To Do list...) I think I will take a nap.

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