Sunday, February 11, 2007


Women's Inequality Greatest in DC

Washington is a tale of two cities: Home to the most highly educated, well-employed and well-paid women in the country, Washington also has one of the highest percentages of women living in poverty, according to a report by the Institute for Women's Policy Research. (Well, we just lose to Louisiana for highest percentage of women living in poverty...) An article in Women's Enews summarizes these findings (read the article here:

The district outperformed all other states when it came to women's median annual salaries ($42,400), the percent of women in professional and managerial occupations (52.5), the percent of women with four or more years of a college education (45.3), and the percent of businesses owned by women (33.2).

The district, in fact, is the only jurisdiction in the country where women--with a median annual salary of $42,400--earn more than the national median salary for men, by a margin of $1,100. The district also placed 10th in the nation in the percentage of women with health insurance and 15th in the number of women in the labor force.

Yet when it comes to poverty levels, D.C. is close to rock bottom. With 18 percent of its female residents living in poverty--well above the national average of 13 percent--Washington ranks 49th in the country for the percentage of women in poverty, tied with New Jersey and ranked just above Louisiana.

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