Monday, February 19, 2007


Fashion Week in Baghdad; Buttonholing Joe Lieberman

“I had something to do with it, but it is not my fault. I was walking with Lieberman after shul during Chanukah and we got onto the subject of Iraq, about which he has, as you know, somewhat controversial opinions within his own party. Myself, I am not political, and on the war we have often disagreed, although I regard him as an honorable man with respectable, if perhaps a bit too conservative, taste in suits."

For some yuks -- badly needed in these times -- read the column, by Dan Metzger, a writer I met at VCCA in December:

How do I order your book of poetry?
Hi Sealevel,

Thanks for the inquiry! The book won't be out until June, '07, but you can preorder at: The price for all Word Works books is $10.

See you round the blogosphere,
Okay. I'll order it when i get back from my snowshoe trip. I am flying out tomorrow, and am too much of a pre-travel basket case to do anything orderly now. No pun intended although, obviously, acknowledged retroactively.
I looked and didn't figure out how to pre-order your collection. It's okay. I'll remember and check in the summer after it's debuted, and order then. Good luck with it.
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