Tuesday, January 02, 2007


January 27 March for Peace - Join the Poets, Your Help Needed

From Melissa Tuckey, DC Poets Against the War Events Coordinator:

Dear Friends,

Wishing everyone a peaceful and productive new year! Hope you've had a restful holiday, or if not, time to recover.As we move into the new year, one of our resolutions is to keep finding creative ways to protest the war in Iraq and to not allow the momentum of November's elections to be lost in doublespeak and committees. We need your help!

January 27th, United for Peace & Justice (www.unitedforpeace.org) is organizing a national march in DC, and we are organizing a DC Poets Against the War contingent. Those of you who joined us last year remember we were greeted by a lot of enthusiasm as we marched with poetry instead of slogans -- someone even asked if they could buy one of our signs!

With support from the national Poets Against War, we hope to bring together an even larger, even more diverse contingent...We need your help to make it happen. Last year, Esther did a great job finding lines of poetry for us to carry from the DC Poets Anthology. (You can see some of the signs we carried at http://dcpaw.mahost.org/ReportfromSeptember05Demo.html).

If you have a favorite line from a anti-war poem, or can spend some time reading poetry (!) finding some good lines, let me know.

We will also need some help making the signs and transporting them to the protest. With help, this can be done in a couple of hours, one evening before the protest.

Most importantly, let me know if you can join us and carry a sign! We'll send further details and logistics as soon as we have them.

And don't forget the IPS forum on the war, especially designed for poets and artists, coming up on January 17. See http://www.dcpaw.org/ for details.

Peace and Love,
Melissa Tuckey
DC Poets Against the War Events Coordinator

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