Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Peace through art in South Asia: Project H(Om)e

Check it this cool project, which includes DC's own spectacular guerrilla poet Shahid Buttar:

Project H(Om)e aims to promote international conflict resolution through the arts, peace education, and dialog amongst riven communities. We believe the arts are essential to intercultural peace building because they provide an opportunity for neighbors to communicate with one another, recognize their common humanity, and build momentum toward positive cooperation. In particular, ShantiSalaam leverages the appeal of poetry and music featuring a variety of influences, including hip-hop, electronic, and asian fusion.

Our pilot peace-building project, “ShantiSalaam,” is founded on an eight-week arts and public education tour through northern India and Pakistan in Winter 2006-07. Assembling a team of artists, educators, musicians, and human rights activists from across the region, our team will explore intercultural tolerance through several tools. In addition to conscious performance, public speaking engagements, and street diplomacy, the team will facilitate interactive workshops building interpersonal solutions to communitarian violence by promoting mutual understanding across borders: “ShantiSalaam."

To read more or donate, go to the website:

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