Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Dear Senator Kennedy...

An open letter about the war in Lebanon
by Preston M. Browning, Jr. - my father, who lives in Senator Kennedy's state of Massachusetts

Several days ago, Senator, I called your Washington office to request that you use your influence to urge Israel to cease its devastating attack upon Lebanon and to begin to address in good faith the root causes of the conflict in the region.

When I expressed my deep concern regarding the loss of civilian lives and the widespread destruction of homes, roads, bridges and even the Beirut airport, the aide with whom I was speaking informed me that you believe that, because of Hezbollah's rocket attacks on Israel and its capture and killing of Israeli soldiers, Israel has no other option than to strike back in an effort to root out Hezbollah forces from their safe havens in Lebanon.

I was stunned...

Read the letter here.

Go, Dad!

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