Wednesday, August 30, 2006


The Katrina-Iraq Connection

At a press conference for Camp Democracy yesterday, Kelly Dougherty, Cofounder of Iraq Veterans Against the War, said: "During the year I spent in Iraq and over a month spent along the Gulf Coast, I've seen first-hand the results of the Bush administration's policies. One of the most shocking things for me was to witness greater destruction in our own country than in war-torn Iraq. The similarities were sickening, displaced families, poverty, destruction of entire neighborhoods, and the militarization of the cities, to name a few. Every day I witness the leaders in Washington lie to the public and propagate fear, while their actions show that they don't care about the soldiers and veterans, the Iraqi people, or our own citizens along the Gulf Coast."

DC Poets Against the War will host an open mic Sunday, September 10, 3-5 pm in Tent 5 at Camp Democracy. Join us!

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