Tuesday, August 29, 2006


The Great Spam Challenge

For a week or so last month I kept track of the subject headers of Spam I received. Types of Spam seem to come in waves (penis enlargement one week, African scams the next...). This was a particularly creative time in Spam Land, yielding the following marvelous constructions. How about The Great Spam Challenge: Write a poem using one or more of these and I'll post it on the blog. Have fun!


Yank gentility
anchovy cross-examination
innovative con man
adventurous tourism
droppings washable
passersby gentle
Spartan acorn
slap colored
reconciliation overreact
enunciate whole wheat
puritan crowning
rodeo harangue
wall camp
blue jay unbelievable
rotunda chauvinism
cockiness upholster
conscientious objector experimental
painkiller scholar
jackknife family tree
quarterfinal jackass
fury sagebrush
admirably bore
alcoholic byway
indecency debriefing
puritanical pyramid

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