Friday, May 12, 2006


We're off and running...

I've received so many positive responses to the baby blog already - thank you all! I feel warmly welcomed to the 'sphere. Lisa Schamess even made this blog and my poetry the subject of her Poetry Thursday on her blog. Thank you, Lisa!

Since Lisa's done it before I have, let me say that you can read some of my poetry on Beltway. My poem, The Fifth Fact, won the People Before Profits Poetry Prize last fall and is posted at Burning Bush Publications. You can even hear me read a few poems on E. Ethelbert Miller's site, here.

It was very moving to hear the student winners read their poems at last night's dinner at the Arts Club. The overall quality of the entries was really high; makes me feel optimistic about the future of American poetry. We were given assigned seats, with printed place cards and everything. I got to sit next to David Gewanter and gossip about poets and poetry - fun.

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