Thursday, May 11, 2006


Getting the hang of this thing

Special thanks to C.M. Mayo and Bernadette Geyer who already added this blog to their links. I'll figure out how to add a blog list and perma-link to them too.

Stopped into Busboys & Poets with Kim today, only to run into the spectacular Dan Vera. He is a Man Who Knits and told us about receiving a letter from a teacher in Arkansas who had received furious letters because she taught her students, including - gasp! - the boys, to knit. How dare she make those boys effeminate?! This confirms my theory that the most powerful and destructive force in the world is men's fear of the feminine -- in women and other men, but most especially in themselves. Men will go to great and horrific lengths to prove they're not gay.

Tonight I'm off to a dinner at the Arts Club of Washington. I was honored to judge, along with Brandon Johnson, their college poetry contest this year. The winners will be reading their poems at the dinner tonight. I found out while at the Club for the judging that the building was the home of James Monroe while he was Secretary of State in the early part of the 19th century. Very cool!

hang in there, Sarah. It's nice and warm in our neck of the blogosphere.

linking to ya,

We miss you here in New England, Ms. Luddite.

My fiancee (read: I'm not gay) taught her 7th grade class to knit, including the boys. No angry letters yet as far as I know.
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